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Coop Prima - Brand Creation

We created the Coop Prima brand from scratch, identifing the opportunity, then developing the strategy, name, tone of voice and visual identity for the Swedish store.

Positioned as Coop's premier own-brand it offers superior quality ingredients selected from the finest producers. These authentic products are ethically sourced and brought direct to the consumer.

The narratives of the growers, craftspeople, farmers and those involved in the products' creation served as the inspiration. The final design is transparent and honest, offering the consumer a window into the journey of the goods, the fields, the oceans and orchards where the products began life. Bringing the best for the people by the best of the people...

The range consists of 190 products across all categories in store.

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Dairygold - Brand Redesign

We redesigned Dairygold, the Irish dairy brand to confidently position it as the authentic butter taste that happens to be spreadable.

The design creates an iconic symbol of the churn that delivers visual recognition on shelf, creating a stamp of quality.

The redesign incorporated all touchpoints including the core, original offering and a Lighter alternative for the health aware, all making the brand shine once again on shelf.

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Denise McAdam - Brand Redesign

Our redesign for Denise McAdam creates a strong ownable visual identity for the celebrity hairdresser across her portfolio of products.

With over thirty years experience, McAdam is renowned for being the first female 'celebrity' hairdresser in the UK. We wanted to instill some of Denise's heritage and provenance into her portfolio, therefore we built on her Scottish roots with a modern tartan expression which could differentiate the collection, and give scope for the expanding range of products.

Also, within the process, we created a monogram routed in her hairdressing expertise to work on caps embossed and across other materials.


Earth Friendly Baby - Brand Redesign

Earth Friendly baby had grown rapidly in current years and developed a large portfolio of products that existed in a variety of markets. It was teaming up with the world's leader in breastfeeding, adding an extra level of expertise and authority to the offer for mum and baby alike.

The need to create some consistency in the brand language, architecture and iconography was apparent but of course without losing the gentle approachability it had worked so hard to create. The range of products felt like they were working hand in hand with Mother Nature, bringing to market a range of 100% natural products, with 100% natural benefits, just as nature intended.

Our solution delivered a central spokesperson for the brand, 'Baby Jake', who allows the brand to connect and talk to the consumer with a soft yet authoritative tone, whilst still achieving that all important standout on shelf.

The brand is widely available throughout Europe and US.

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Good Eating Company - Redesign

We created the identity and visual style for London's leading contract caterer. For over a decade they have been creating amazing food for some of the world's most creative companies, from the likes of Sony Playstation to Fallon Advertising, Columbia Pictures to Apple Computers.

Started in 1999 they've been successful in building a personalised service, growing from its humble beginnings to its present position as market leader. We initially ran a workshop with them to define their brand dna. For the identity we created a marque which was hand drawn, working like a signature, 'signing off' the individual elements. We used a reserved colour palette, moving away from traditional colour cues, using the signature abstracted and cropped across applications to add a unique expression of the identity.

Our identity for TGEC covers all brand touchpoints firmly positioning them as the bespoke experts of contract catering.

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Libbi - Brand Creation

The creation of a Tesco brand challenger in the feminine care section, we identified the design strategy the market opportunity and created the name and packaging design.

The range offers easy range navigation, allowing consumers to buy happily and confidently over the branded competition. Modern graphic patterns were used to move the design away from the generic floral imagery often used within the category. It was important that women felt the design would fit into their lifestyle so that they would be happy to carry the products in their handbag and have them on their bathroom shelf.

The range of over 30 products owns a portfolio colour which is flexed across the range to clearly denote the different product offerings.

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Magners - Brand Redesign

Our redesign of the Magners brand adds premium cues to the iconic bottle, label and packaging, delivering craft, care and authenticity from Ireland.

Authenticity has been a dominant trend for the past decade, built upon the consumer need to buy brands which they feel are 'real' and reflect their values of honesty, originality and naturalness. The new design reflects the long heritage and tradition of the Magners cider mill in Clonmel, Ireland but with a modern and contemporary twist. Capturing the craft and care that goes into creating Magners, the new look depicts the wealth of practices and stories inherent with the cider making process.

We strengthened the core identity and created an architecture that could work across the product portfolio, from bottles and cans through to outer cases reflecting the brand essence in a confident and category leading way.

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Magners Specials - Brand Creation

Magners Specials is a premium sub-brand from the house of Magners, featuring crafted cider blends with indulgent flavour combinations such as Ginger and Pear, Spiced Apple and Honey or Spiced Rhubarb and Apple.

The new proposition for Magners was born out of a consumer desire for more sophisticated and complex flavour combinations than are offered by other cider brands. Magners Specials delivers a more crafted and artisanal range of blends for the brand.

We developed the brand strategy, name, visual identity and tone of voice for the sub-brand across all touchpoints.

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Natures Store - Brand Creation

We developed the strategy, tone of voice and visual identity for Nature's Store, a collection of natural products which bring emerging ingredients from around the globe, direct to the consumer.

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Nutri1st - Brand Redesign

We redesigned Nutri1st, a range of protein bars and shakes formulated to make choosing your sports nutrition products effortless and uncomplicated. In a category full of muscly models, we wanted to broaden the appeal of these products to included consumers who have just started out on their fitness quest.

The range, perfect for people who enjoy regular gym workouts, has a portfolio of six types of products to choose from, all clearly targeted to help consumers achieve individual goals, across entry level and premium tiers. The range is available throughout the UK, online and exclusively through Tesco.

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Nutricat - Brand Creation

We created the name, strategy, tone of voice and visual identity for Nutri-Cat, the first of the venture brand initiatives for Tesco.

We identified a growing market opportunity and evolving trend for premium feline health care which was only previously available from specialist outlets and often on a prescribed basis. The Nutricat range portfolio was developed to offer technologically advanced feline nutrition backed by clinically proven veterinarian expertise. Allowing pet owners the opportunity to upgrade their cats nutrition while picking up their weekly shop. The product range was then created to fit this unique proposition and guaranteed the all important veterinarian endorsement.

We wanted consumers to be able to see the medical benefits, while also communicating the emotional personality of the individual pet. It was vital to break the generic category norms and create a visual style unique to the Nutricat brand. The range consists of 27 SKU's and is supported online and with full media coverage in the UK.

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Paradise Miracle Tan - Brand Creation

We created the name, tone of voice and visual identity for a Tesco brand challenger in the tanning category, which needed to appeal to teenagers aswell as the older sun-loving goddess. The solution was to inject some charm and personality into the offering, by reflecting an emotive 1960's Californian 'surf shack' feel enhanced with the use a shocking pink for standout. After all, if consumers can't afford a holiday to some drenched island, they can at least add some to their weekly shopping basket...


Parioli - Brand Creation

We created the name, strategy, tone of voice and visual identity for Parioli, a venture brand initiative for Tesco.

Everybody shares the passion for Italy's love of great tasting simple flavours. We identified an opportunity to create a range of 'Genuine' and 'Authentic' products, sourced from Italy and delivered direct to the consumer. We developed a neo-classical Italian style for the brand so that could extend across a range of products from pasta and sauces through to olive oils.

Parioli's strength as a brand, is that it is 100% grown and produced in Italy offering true Italian ingredients but at an affordable price. The range consists of 18 SKU's and is supported online and with full media coverage in the UK.

persian rose 01persian rose 02persian rose 03

Persian Rose - Brand Redesign

Persian Rose products contain only the finest rose oil sourced from present day Persia where the roses are handpicked at dawn and distilled with pure mountain stream water.

Our redesign of the Persian Rose positions the brand as a premium purveyor of rose apothecary for the modern world.

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ProFlex - Brand Creation

The creation of a Tesco brand challenger in the hair care sector, including naming and packaging. The solution needed an ability to flex across different target groups, from younger funkier consumers through to hairspray aficionados.

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Classic Sweets - Range Creation

We created a range of classic sweet treats for a more adult focused target for Tesco. Wanting to avoid the usual clich├ęd sweet shop imagery each design plays on the quirky twist of flavours bringing in personality through playful typographic expressions.
A textural colour palette along with the matt finish creates standout elevating the range away from the glossy substrates that are so prevalent within the category.

The initial launch features 7 products, bringing a little sweetness to the shopping basket.

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T-H-X Total Hair Experts - Brand Creation

We created the name, strategy, tone of voice and visual identity for the T-H-X brand, bringing to life across all consumer touch points.

In a category saturated with hairdressers and celebrities our challenge was to create and launch a range of electrical hair tools with consumers in mind - to offer accessible styling expertise for real people.

The brand needed to be authoritative, but inclusive to its users. Fashion and hair styling is a complex thing which is why it was important that we didn't alienate consumers by being too catwalk. We wanted to connect with consumers, and ensure that the brand appealed to them. On pack and online we offered insights from the experts and ensured that they were inspirational and above all achievable at home.

The packaging features a consistent brand architecture across the portfolio with a palette of vibrant colours, finishes, and hairstyles, allowing segmentation across the standard and premium tiers. The pack structure displays the product supported by bright accent colours which also feature within the product styling.

The initial launch consists of 10 SKU's and is supported online and with full media coverage in the UK, sold exclusively through Tesco.

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Washing Up Liquid - Brand Redesign

We created the standard range of washing up liquids for Tesco across a range of core and anti-bacterial products.

Instead of focussing on flavour, we created visual iconography for the range composed of elements from the 'kitchen sink'. The style is consistent across the range but the detail changes to signify the different products.